First and the best peer-peer funds cycling and coin generating platform

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Why SplitPay is Special

Easy to use

SplitPay is built in a user friendly manner, making access to different parts of the site easy.

Powerful Design

The merging algorithm is a unique and powerful one. An algo that has never been thought of!


SplitPay merging process is flexible and controlled by the user.

What we do

SplitPay is a peer to peer funds cycling system that generates SPLT coins for participants. The system is built with consideration of people of all pocket sizes (students through workers). SplitPay is robust and reliable, built with longevity in mind!
Please use only spare cash to participate.

Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

SplitPay was made to deliver a fluid experience to users

Fast and Simple

The merging process is fast and simple, no need to wait for uneccessary length of time to get merged

Clean Code

Our code is written in a clear and robust manner to deliver our site features at their prime!

Perfect Design

We have the perfect design that beats all other platforms in terms of reliability, speed, continuation, philosophy and ideas.

Best Industry Leader

We are here to break borders with our unique and innovative algorithm.


We use different means to get in touch with participants: web chat, telegram, email, etc.

How SplitPay Works

Place Investment

Choose from one of the plans available when you login to make payment to another participant.

Make Payment

When linked to another member, make the payment to the member's bank account. You are expected to make this payment within 24 hours.

SPLT Coin generated

After completing your payment, the system will generate SPLT coins for you. The amount of SPLT coins generated depends on the amount you paid, how fast you made the payment, the number of active downlines you have and the current network difficulty.

You also get 1 SPLT Coin free when you register.

Get Paid

Other investors will then be linked to you to pay you a total of 130% of what you invested. That is 30% ROI. When you confirm the payment of the user, SPLT coins will also be generated for the user still based on the rules above.

The Cycle Continues

After receiving complete payment, you will then be asked to reinvest that same amount you started with.

Other Features

Plan Upgrade

After five cycles in any plan you chose, your account will then be upgraded to x2 of your previous plan and a split action will occur, generating more SPLT coins for you.

Profile Purchase

You can use your SPLT coins to purchase downlines from the market place.

IDP Collection

IDP means Instant Donation Pool. The fail-safe mechanism to help protect users when transactions fail.
If an investor fails to make payment after the 24 hour delay and his account is suspended, the amount that was not paid will then enter IDP for other users to collect. Users that collect IDPs get 35% ROI and more SPLT coins generated when they complete the payment.

Referral Bonus

Our referral programme goes 3 levels deep. You get 5%, 3% and 2% on your direct downlines, second generation downlines and third generation downlines, respectively. Another good reason for you to share your referral link.
If you are not good at convincing people, you can use your SPLT coins to purchase profiles (downlines) at the market place and still enjoy this benefit.


Everything written here is not a guarantee as we do not control the actions of participants and thirdparty services.